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5 December – 21 February 2016
Penrith Council supports creative industries, and values social, cultural and economic capital that contribute to our region. Each year St Marys Corner produces a Queen Street Riches and Textures project by inviting artists to explore the issues relevant to local community through different artistic medium. The engagement is one of creative collaborations, mentoring, social interactions and conversations between artists, places and communites.

Queen Street Riches and Textures 2015: Sharing the Seeds project is an exciting partnership between artists, art educators, local gardeners and farmers. Sharing the Seeds creatively explores innovation and sustainability in community gardening and growing your own food. Partners include Mamre House, Permaculture Sydney West, TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute Nepean Arts and Design Centre and Council.

Participating artists: Justin Zennil Bishop, Leigh Bramall, Annette Bukovinsky, Phillip Chaffey, Joel Cooper, Jagath Dheerasekara, Peta Khan, David Ryan and Patricia Thomson.

Sharing the Seeds project was produced at St Marys Corner Community and Cultural Precinct from November 2014 to June 2015. For more information on community and cultural projects and initiatives please visit: stmaryscorner.info


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