5 December – 21 February 2016

Brain Sciences at UNSW is an umbrella organisation representing all UNSW researchers interested in understanding the brain. The art project presented here is the work of one lab in Brains Sciences: the Neuropsychology Lab in the School of Psychology.  The Neuropsychology Lab, directed by Professor Skye McDonald comprises about 20 researchers from all stages of research training from Honours (4th year undergraduate) and research assistants through to PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers.

The Neuropsychology Lab  focuses upon understanding what happens when someone’s brain is damaged, through accident (such as head trauma in a car accident) or  disease (such as those causing dementia) or because of developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our interest is in understanding how the brain works from researching what happens when it goes wrong. But equally, we are interested in learning how we might assess and treat disorders arising from brain damage in order to improve quality of life for those affected.  Our particular focus is on social functioning and emotional well being.


Image: Byways and Highways –

Bundles and fibres form byways and highways connecting distant regions of brain to each other. This is the basis of communication within the brain allowing multiple systems to work together. This image was created using an MRI technique called Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) which visualises white matter bundles by detecting their water content. It can illuminate different pathways within the brain.

Image courtesy Brain Sciences, UNSW.

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