Hot House is an immersive and playful show by 4 contemporary Sydney artists. This multi-sensory exhibition includes aroma sculptures, and motion sensor shimmering plants. The four artists Tully Arnot, David Haines, Genevieve Lown and Salote Tawale will capture more than just your attention.

Hot House exhibits works by Sydney-based artists Tully Arnot, David Haines, Genevieve Lown and Salote Tawale, all of whose practices have an abstract relationship with the botanical world. Like its namesake, this Hot House creates an environment for the growth of new ideas and activities. Bringing together artists who utilise elements of the botanical world to question our modern state of being, Hot House creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to investigate these challenging practices.

Challenge yourself to experience contemporary art through multiple senses. In each room, visitors are invited to investigate the works through a particular action: move, watch, smell and touch.

Please take a room sheet to discover more information about all of the exhibited works. Follow the instructions to download the multimedia tour on your smartphone to hear more from the artists themselves.

As artist Marcel Duchamp once said, ‘art is a game between all people of all periods’, so move, watch, smell, touch and most of all, play in the Hot House.


Listen to the Hot House artists explain their artworks:

David Haines


Salote Tawale


Tully Arnot


Genevieve Lown
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