Heth: Norman Hetherington – Artist at war

28 May – 28 August

Norman Hetherington is best remembered as the creator of one of Australia’s longest running children’s shows Mr. Squiggle, but before he made his name on television he was a soldier in the 4th Detachment 1st Australian Army Entertainment Unit during WW II.  In this Unit Hetherington entertained the troops, through acting, script writing, costume and stage design and the production of hundreds of pen and ink drawings of the life of the soldier.

This exhibition, curated by the artist’s daughter, Rebecca Hetherington is a selection of work produced while on duty in Northern Australia, New Guinea and the Pacific and is part of the Gallery’s Winter Exhibition Suite.

[Image: Norman-Hetherington—Douglas-Refeulling-Jacquinot-Bay-NB-(New-Britain)]

Heth was on exhibition as part of the Gallery’s Spring Exhibition Suite, which also included I Witness: George Gittoes, and Zwolowa.

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