Construct your own dream landscape inspired by the paintings of artist Tim Johnson. Participants will learn to use a simple collage technique by cutting out abstract shapes and coloured paper to tell a story of their own invention. Participants will take home a colourful, framed, multilayered artwork.

Let your imagination run wild as you create a colourful mask of your own, inspired by artist Mark Shorter’s imaginary creature “Schleimgurgeln”. In this workshop participants will work with glue, coloured paper, and a variety of textured materials such as feathers and googly eyes to design a unique mask of their own.

Create your own woven watercolour work with paper. Using Victoria Garcia’s camouflage works as inspiration. Participants will use colour, shape and line to create an abstract watercolour painting which will be cut into strips, woven back together and glued to create a colourful woven artwork.

Art Appreciation and Visual Literacy for Early Learning Teachers and Primary Teachers This workshop will include: in-gallery modelling of a variety of pedagogical approaches to Aboriginal art appreciation for young audiences (3 – 5 years, 5 – 12 years). Course content will be directly applicable to the Visual Arts Syllabus and the Early Years Learning […]