8 Feb – 1 April 2017. The Gallery runs a dynamic after-school and Saturday morning workshop program for children. Choose from the Wednesday Drawing School or the Saturday morning classes Mixed Media and Illustration & Animation.

Come along with your tot as we tour around our autumn suite Visions of Utopia. We’ll also go in to the garden to look at Construction, a geometric sculpture by artist Lyndon Dadswell. Inspired by the shapes and forms used by all the artists, participants will use paint, glue and cardboard to create their own fun and funky 3D sculpture.

8 – 12 years, $30 per student

Use wire, stockings and acrylic paint to construct your own groovy 3D sculpture inspired by the geometric patterns in the exhibition: Visions of Utopia.

7 – 10 years, $30 per student

Learn about colour, line and movement before making your own optical illusion.

In this workshop, participants will use textas and oil pastels whilst thinking about balance and movement.

5 – 8 years, $30 per student

Use colourful marbling ink to create a psychedelic background, then add textured paper to create a funky collage.

5 – 8 years, $30 per student

Learn about balance, colour, and line, then use plastic shapes to create your own translucent mosaic on a reflective mirror like background.

12 – 16 years, $45 per student

Spend the morning developing your painting skills. Using acrylic paint on canvas, participants will create their own abstract artwork inspired by our autumn exhibiton Visions of Utopia.

9 – 12 years, $30 per student

Come along to our specially designed digital animation workshops. Participants will develop skill and creativity whilst exploring the properties of colour and illusion.

Any age, $20 per student

Have family fun working together to create your own colourful geometric window art. In this workshop, participants will use translucent paper, black tape and luminescent paint as well as some sparkly materials to create a magical window artwork.