Autumn Exhibition Suite
7 April 2018 – 20 May 2018
tactile is looking to both explore the physicality of installations – either by touch or by prevented touch – within the gallery environment as a singular temptation for the viewer. The intense need to touch and to quantify material through touch is a huge pull for the gallery audience and the exhibition both challenges and delights their expectations with a show that is as much visually intriguing as physically accessible. Featuring an array of visual landscapes, playing with material as much as form, PRG is transformed into a new planet. The gallery space is suspended; recreated into a realm of physical possibility and impossibility. This is an environment for people to experience artworks in a way that is most usually denied them.
Touch is fundamental to the way in which we quantify the universe. It tells us the qualities of an object – soft, small hard, smooth, gritty – and it tells us by default how we should interact with them. Conversely, in a gallery setting, we are told to withhold from touching, withhold from quantifying because the object we are given access to is not understandable by touch, only by sight. We come to recognise the patterns though, the textures, the familiar sensations that the object would cause to the touch. It calls out to us, compels us to comprehend, and so we are caught between the compulsion and convention: please don’t touch.
Now, step outside the gallery realm. Enter a sensory world not limited to the eyes. Reach out and gently, carefully, delicately, make contact: this is a world of sense and sensory satisfaction. The gallery rules have been suspended. The artist is reaching out through their work and the audience is reaching in. The result is tactile sensation.
Image credit (header): Emily Parsons-Lord, The Great Dying 2016, compressed air, brass button, high pressure tube with one way valve, cylinder, regulator. Courtesy of the artist
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