Margo Lewers
Untitled (Lewers Gallery mural) 1970
synthetic polymer paint on rendered brick
147 x 169 x 14

The wall mural was painted by Margo Lewers in 1970 and its location on the verandah area of the Lewers House Gallery has posed some particular challenges. Due to aging and exposure to the natural elements, the timber forming the framework along the upper edge became weathered and resulted in the mural becoming exposed to moisture, resulting in paint flaking.

A preliminary report by conservator Catherine Lillico-Thompson (Lillico-Thompson Conservation) in late 2009 revealed that the mural was generally sound. The mural was, however, painted on two distinct surfaces with most of the mural painted onto a cement rendered brick surface, but the top section painted onto a sheet of masonite.

In early 2010 Catherine Lillico-Thompson was engaged to undertake conservation work on the mural. Treatment has included the attachment of new flashing to the back of the tank stand to replace the damaged wood, the loose paint flakes were consolidated and readhered to the mural and the surface area was cleaned and finished with an application of varnish. A new plexiglass cover and secure frame has been attached over the mural to assist in protecting the work from natural matter, such as leaves, dust and spider webs.

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