Disorder Disorder
Ulterior Motives in Contemporary Art
14 August - 14 November

Disorder Disorder presents a range of new and existing works from artists generally seen as 'outsiders', ‘independents’ or ‘dissidents’. Working with a fierce DIY direction, and often with little formal or academic training, the artists come from areas of urban street culture including graffiti, commercial art, skateboarding, tattooing, surfing, punk rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, computer programming and gang-life - speaking to their peers in their own language rather than the art world. This is the ‘art’ of the disengaged, suspicious and justifiably cynical which creates a remarkably fresh approach to visual arts not created simply to please the existing art audience.

The exhibition features work from 10 renegade Australian artists, 6 artists from the USA, Stefan Marx from Germany, French and Marcus Oakley from the UK and Tomoo Gokita from Japan.

To view one of the artists from Disorder Disorder, Brisbane born, Brooklyn based artist, Anthony Lister featured in ABC Sunday Arts click here.

The artworks will be presented in and around the gallery space and foyers, as well as a public art signwriting project in St Mary’s created by US street artist Stephen Powers.The exhibition includes painting, text, works on paper, video, sound, installation, photography and a room of ephemeral works of art and paraphernalia including films and documentaries, Zines, books, toys, skateboards, surfboards, T-shirts, shoes and clothing designed by the artists. A range of events, education and public programs will also be implemented including a film program, lectures and workshops. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 120 page catalogue designed by Jonathan Zawada.

The exhibition curator, Joseph Allen Shea has curated and managed over 60 exhibitions at Monster Children Gallery (Sydney) as well as other galleries and institutions in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Most recently he mounted the lauded group exhibition Batteries Not Included, which presented Installation, performance, sound and kinetic sculpture in photo media at the Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. Joseph works primarily with self-taught artists and those working outside the art world establishment. His exhibitions tread the line between high and low art to bring fresh and exciting ideas and aesthetics to larger audiences without exclusivity. To read Joseph's blog of the exhibition please click here.

Ricky Swallow, Placement Sculpture (Skull in the Wood) 2001, plywood, pigmented resinEd Templeton, Teenage Smokers 1999, iris printsMike Giant, Cars Suck 2007, ink on paperAnthony Lister, Wonderwoman 2008, mixed media on canvasEd Templeton Teenage Smokers installation shotStephen Powers, 8 Day Week 2007 (detail) enamel on aluminium panelsMark Gonzales and Lee Ralph, Untitled 2004, mixed media on canvasShannon Peel/DMOTE, 33rd and 12th 2010, acrylic on paperBrendan Huntley cermic sculptures installation shotMarcus Oakley, Hanging Out 2009, pencil, emulsion and acrylic on canvas boardMarcus Oakley installation shotOscar Wright, Valley of Scum Here I Come 2010 (detail) pencil and ink on paperJacob Ciocci and Extreme Animals, Booty Melt 2007, single channel SD videoStefan Marx, German Bight 2007, edition of 500, ink on steel, plastic and fabric French, The Reaper 2010, pen and ink on paper