on show until 24 August 2014
The Winter Light Digital Catalogue is now available 


  • Can you WOW the world in less than 5 minutes? enter the Winter Light Digital Film Competition please read the Terms and Conditions and click here to upload your film.

Hear what Jessica Fox has to say about Winter Light.

Entries close 4 August more information.

Film Festival & Prize Ceremony 24 August 3-5pm

Art Block for Tots - Art Making fun for Pre-Schoolers.

In this month’s art making session, explore Island6’s Remixxx, (animated laser light) in the Winter Light exhibition and then head to the studio to create a life-sized, paper-portrait, ready to be filled-in with drawing, collage and colourful patterns.

Friday 25 July 10-11am

$12 per child -adults don't pay but must stay


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